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Programs & Calendar


TODDLER WITH PARENT (ages 15months-3years)  $115.00
Register Early $110.00
Toddler and parents (or adult caretaker) work together on a variety of gymnastic apparatus including bars, rings, balance beams, and tumbling mats.  We also use balls, hula-hoops, hopity hops, parachute, etc. all to develop gross motor skills, coordination, balance, and strength.

This class is designed to be an introduction to gymnastics in a supportive and fun atmosphere all while encouraging the social skills necessary for group activities.

Class day and times:

  • Monday 9:15-10:00,   10:15-11:00
  • Tuesday: 9:15-10:00
  • Wednesday: 9:15-10:00
  • Saturday: 9:00-9:45

TUMBLEBUGS  (ages 3-6)  $140.00
Register Early $135.00
This class is geared to exposing the beginner to all aspects of gymnastics, as well as sharpening the skills of the more experienced young gymnasts.  Class consists of group warm-ups, games, and small group and individual instruction on all gymnastics equipment and tumbling.

*  Parents do NOT participate in this class.

Class Days and Times:

TUMBLEBUGS I (ages 3-4)

  • Monday 11:15-12:00
  • Thursday 10:15-11:00
  • Friday 10:15-11:00
  • Saturday 10:00-10:45

TUMBLEBUGS I/II (ages 3.5-5)

  • Monday 3:00-3:45
  • TUMBLEBUG II (ages 4-5)

    Tuesday 10:15-11:00

    Friday 9:15-10:00

    TUMBLEBUG II/III (ages 4.5-6)

    • Thursday 9:15-10:00

    TUMBLEBUG III (ages 5-6)

    • Tuesday 3:30-4:15
    • Thursday 4:00-4:45
    • Saturday 11:00-11:45

RECREATIONAL GYMNASTICS   (ages 6 and over)   $150.00
Register Early $145.00
This class is for beginners or students who need to further develop basic skills, strength, and flexibility.  Students receive instruction on all gymnastics equipment and tumbling skills and are grouped within the class according to age and experience.

Class Days and Times:

Gymnastics I  (ages 6-8)

  • Tuesday 4:30-5:25
  • Thursday 5:00-5:55

Gymnastics II  (ages 8-10)

  • Tuesday 5:30-6:25

Gymnastics II/III  (ages 8 and over)

  • Thursday 6:00-6:55

Gymnastics III  (ages 10 and over)

  • Tuesday 6:30-7:25

PRE-ARTISTIC   (ages 5-7)   $160.00

Register Early $155.00
For the young gymnast whose experience and ability indicate a readiness to advance beyond the Tumblebug level. Recommendation of an instructor is required for admission to this class.

Class Day and Time: Monday 3:45-4:45

ARTISTIC   (ages 6 and over)    $185.00
Register Early $180.00
This class is for the more experienced student who has passed the requirements for admission to this level.  Permission of the instructor, based on USAG Level  1 Skill requirements required for students who have not previously been enrolled in this level.

All Artistic students are encouraged to attend more than once a week in order to make the most of their abilities and training.  We offer the following package prices:

2 classes/week (for Artistic II)  $320.00

1 class plus Open Gym  (for Artistic I or II)  $255.00

2 classes plus Open Gym  $370.00 *

*Best Value ( $5.00 off any combo early registration)

Class Day and Time:

ARTISTIC I  (ages 6-8)

  • Wednesday 3:45-5:00

ARTISTIC II  (ages 8 and over)

  • Monday 4:30-5:45
  • Wednesday 5:00-6:15


Our focus is recreational, however, we do have an advanced team that trains using USAG skill levels and routines. Our team generally attends meets outside our gym 2-3 times a year to gain experience in competition, and we do exhibitions several times a year.

Try outs for team are held in June. Students must be consistent with their skills and pass an evaluation before being accepted into this program.

Team meets twice a week and the 1st Saturday of the month.  We also encourage team members to attend Open Gym .

OPEN GYM  (ages 1-over)

Open Gym is an ideal way to try gymnastics in a relaxed, non-instructional atmosphere, or to gain extra practice in tumbling and gymnastics. Instructors are present but no formal instruction takes place.

Open Gym is open to the public as well as to our students.  We require a current release form signed and on file for all participants. No pre-registration is necessary-Open Gym is our ONLY DROP IN CLASS.

Ages 6 and under $8.00  Friday 3:30-4:15

*Parents must stay for all participants under age 3

AGES 7 and OVER $10.00  Friday 4:30-5:45

2018 – 2019 Calendar

    • Sept. 10-Nov 10
    • Nov. 12-Feb. 2
    • closed Nov. 19-24
    • closed Dec. 24- Jan 5
    • Feb. 4- April 13
    • Closed Feb 18 – 23
    • Closed April 15 – April 20
    • April 22- June 22
    • Closed May 25- 27 for Memorial Day